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Ed Cooper 'Cyborg Soloists' commission


Postgraduate composer Ed Cooper was one of the chosen applicants for the Cyborg Soloists Collaborative Music Projects Call from Summer 2022, and the first concert output of this takes place on Wednesday 14 December at 5:30pm in Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall (University of Leeds). See here for concert details.

Ed Cooper applied with collaborator Kathryn Williams, a flautist and composer, to join Cyborg Soloists, a 4-year UKRI-funded Future Leaders Fellowship project Zubin Kanga that explores interdisciplinary interactions between music, arts, and new digital technologies. Ed and Kathryn will write a new work using the Soundbrenner vibrating metronome. The piece will use the device and physical movement to explore the relationships between performance activities, bodies, and heart rates.

a tall man pours water into a flute being played a woman